Boat Docks & Lifts: Schedule on the Inland Marine or Leaver Under Base Form?

With all the water and weather we've had boat docks and lifts have been a very hot topic.


Here's a quick summary of coverage options:




*Coverage Note: Base form can exlcude water damage from flood, surface water, waves, tidal water, or overflow of a body of water.  This became important this year with the unusual amount of rain we had, because when a dock is already fully submerged it becomes subject to wave damage rather than wind directly.  This isn't usually an issue becuase we don't normally have the water volume we've had this year, but it is still a consideration to note.




*Coverage Note:  There is no exclusion for wave action on the inland marine. 




*Coverage Note:  One great feature of this extra endorsement is that you can schedule Boat Equipment on replacement cost.  They will generally allow boat lifts to be scheduled as boat equipment, as long as they also have the boat schedule on the policy.



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  • #1 (Thursday, 11 January 2018 07:06)

    These coverage options are amazing and I guess that I want some of them so that I can do something with them. There is so much to think about and work on it.


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