Is my child covered when he/she goes off to college?

Personal Property and Liability

        Many  homeowners policies covers “your resident relatives and anyone under the age of 21 residing with you who is in your care or the care of a relative.”

        The operative word to focus on is resident relative. To determine whether the student is considered a resident, you can ask your insured the following questions:

                 - Where is the student registered to vote?

                 - What address does the student show on their drivers license?

                 - What address is listed on their income tax return or where is their W2 mailed?

                 - Where do they live in the off-school months?

If their parent’s house is not the answer, then they are likely not considered a resident and would need to get their own HO4 policy.


If the student is covered by their parents’ policy, they should be aware of the theft exclusion included in the policy. It excludes coverage from theft if the student has not been at the apartment within the 45 days before the theft. If they will not be residing in their on campus housing or their apartment during summer months, we encourage them to remove their valuables from it and check on it periodically.


Auto Coverage – if at school in another state

          As long as the student is still considered a resident of their parents’ household (see questions above) and have not moved to the other state permanently, we can continue to insure the vehicle on the parents’ auto policy. Don’t forget to use the Student Away At School discount if they are more than 100 miles away and don’t have a vehicle!

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    college tips (Monday, 08 January 2018 15:07)

    My child will be going off to college real soon and I want to cover her health insurance as well. I work for the essay writing site so it would be troubling for my to afford high insurance. Is there any other way?


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