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Tom Lambert

What are your hobbies? 

I enjoy hunting and fishing in my free time, getting out into nature is a grounding and refreshing experience as I observe and have time to reflect. 

How are you involved in the community? 

I volunteer my time working with teenagers at my local church, I see significant opportunity to mentor young people in our community and encourage personal and professional growth and development.

What values motivate you? 

Three values that facilitate motivation in my life are community, competence, and integrity. First and foremost, I believe there is significance in prioritizing healthy moral principles in life and I strive to apply these morals in each decision that I make. It is our goal at Wendorff Insurance to provide knowledge and skill that will allow us to provide specialized insurance plans to fit the needs of each client. I was raised right here in Hutchinson, which has produced a value that motivates me to see this community succeed. 


Beth Jahn


Beth has a close family with her husband, 2 children, and 2 dogs.

Beth loves to spend time on the open road riding motorcycles alongside her husband and friends. Other interests include fishing, crafting, making jewelry, and learning new skills.

She looks forward to working with you and helping you with your insurance needs.


Patty Hill


Patty is a retired Property/Farms Claims Adjuster and currently works part time for Wendorff Insurance Agency as a Licensed Agent.

On her days away from the office she enjoys volunteering as a senior companion with Lutheran Social Services.

She also enjoys kayaking as well as golfing when yard work is not taking precedence.


Keith Leverentz

President, The Life Group, National Social Security Advisor

Husband, father of four, and founder of The Life Group, Keith is passionate about providing innovative and thorough financial planning. Keith believes all individuals, families, and businesses need quality financial advice regardless of their net worth or income.

Keith and his family love serving at church, watching football together, and camping.

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